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In addition to individual reports to our donors, The Foundation files audited annual financial reports with the federal government. To ensure transparency copies of the foundation's financial reports are accessible on this website.

Since it was established on March 31st 2015, the Foundation has provided approximately $1,260,000 to Nov 1st, 2021 in funding to Rosalie Hall. At the same time, the capital amount of the monies that the Foundation has for investment has grown by about 67 % through new donations and prudent investment.

We still have a long way to go before all the programs that need support are funded and economic stability for the agency is assured. But we are making good progress as demonstrated below. Please join us in this long-term effort. 

Our Most recent, 2023 statements are available below. 

Financial Reporting: Welcome
Financial Reporting: Text
Financial Reporting: Text


The foundation provides stability.

Government funding is a yearly commitment. It also leaves many gaps, not only in the character of the service provided, but also key elements.

The Foundation ensures the long-term viability of the mission of Rosalie Hall.

The base funding for the Foundation was provided by the Miséricorda Sisters and has grown through donation to targeted works. To learn more about the activities at Rosalie Hall and their place in the Catholic community please visit these sites:

Rosalie Hall 
Centre Rosalie-Cadron Jetté

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